(No, we are not that American band that wins all the music awards).

We are a bunch of food disrupters that have never been satisfied with the status quo of opening a restaurant.

We just knew that with all the food trends out there, vegan, gluten-free, fusion, etc., “MEAT” is a mainstay that everyone loves and will always love. So we figured we are going to “do meat” and “do it right”. And we do!

Chainsmoker Urban Smoked Meats is the hottest new BBQ (and smoked-meat) concept in North America! The food is simple quality, quantity and value propositioned for every demographic. Everyone eats and eats well at the Chainsmoker. There is no other magic to it, just get there and see for yourself!




Do we provide you with a static catering menu and its “sink or swim”? No, not at all! The Chainsmoker understands that your catering is a “special event” and first impressions are everything for your guests and our guests! We want to make your impression the first-class impression so we are willing to customize your catering requirement and make it all work for you! Call the CHAINSMOKER and ask to speak with the store GENERAL MANAGER! Tell him you want to make an impression! He will take it from there – 647.350-8466.

Franchising, Corporate Partnerships & International Licensing

Going into a new business is the most rewarding thing in your professional life! WE ALL DREAM ABOUT IT, few accomplish it. Lucky for you, you discovered the CHAINSMOKER, a truly incredible food service business that can help you become that great entrepreneur you always knew you were.

And yes, the Chainsmoker is not just another franchise or investment business, but rather an entire way of life that you and your family also will really enjoy operating. Its time you fulfill your dream and get into business the same way we did – become an owner by taking the first entrepreneurial step of emailing our President today – EMAIL US.


3513 Bathurst St, TORONTO, ON M6A 2C5

(647) 350-8466

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Hours of operation:

Sundays to Thursdays – 11:30 am to 9 pm

Fridays and Saturday- 11:30 AM to 10 pm